This site is a running project of my recent interests.


Why Bother Making this Site?

Over the years I would try to recall an article or video I had seen online during a discussion, and I would never be able to get back to them. In retrospect I often misquoted information. This site was originally made on January 1st, 2016 so I could quickly reference online content from any device. The majority of the posts are single links that I think are worth saving.

Check out the Home page to see my most recent posts.

To see a comprehensive list of all posts by topic, see the bottom left corner of any page, and Select a Category from the Categories drop down menu (highlighted in red).



What’s it all About?

Over time, I started making original posts that I wanted to share with others. I made separate headers for these posts by categories. I organize them in a way that would be most useful to others in case they find them interesting.


I’m in medical school at the moment. One of my greatest interests is figuring out which medical specialty to pursue. One of my mentors recommended writing down formative experiences as they occur during school; she said will be useful while writing residency applications during the fourth year of medical school. Writing is also a cathartic outlet from time to time. These are listed under Narratives.


I enjoy cooking. I mainly write down dishes that my family makes and those that my friends’ families make. Cooking is a nice break, and it reminds me of chemistry labs from undergrad. I have these listed under Recipes.


I’ve written down short guides of topics that I have studied in the hopes that they might be useful to others. They’re not fully formed, but are works in progress. They are listed under Guides.


I like to read regularly. Mostly nonfiction, but also some fiction I’ve enjoyed. See Books for some reads I’d recommend, organized by topic.


I’ve tried to keep exercise a priority during school. I’ve written down a new lift or abdominal set friends have shown me, mainly so I don’t forget them myself. Check out workouts by muscle group under Gym.


Why is it Called Glass Hammock?

The name of the site Glass Hammock came to me as a memory tool. I figured it would be easy to remember an object as comfortable as a hammock made completely uncomfortable by using glass as a material. I found the image for the site on, which is an online art gallery that showcases installations made of glass. The original glass hammock was made by Noa in 2006. Please check out their work.



What’s with the Header Pictures?

The header images are panoramas from backpacking trips I have been on. Feel free to use them.


A Note to the Future

During medical school we found our professor’s website that he had made in the 90’s. We all had a good laugh at the terrible html, and the ancient design.

I attempt to make this site look halfway decent (using WordPress and the Argent theme)  mostly because I enjoy learning about web development as a hobby. I will inevitably stop working on it as I advance in my career. I imagine after a few months of abandonment, this site too will be entirely laughable and outdated.

If you read any of this content and find it amusing, I’m happy to entertain. Please keep in mind the context of this site, and the purpose for which it was originally made. Thanks for visiting.