Epidemiology Postdoctoral Position – 1 Year – Spanish-Speaking Country – Paid

Primary Aim: 1 Year Position for Epidemiology Postdoc

I am looking for a paid epidemiology position as a recent PhD graduate from May 2020 to April 2021 in a Spanish-speaking country.

I have experience working with large population-based cohort studies focused on chronic diseases. I am familiar with a variety of statistical software including R, SAS, and Stata. I have taken coursework on the statistical methods, regulation, and design of clinical trials. I have completed the first two years of medical school and passed the first medical boards examination.

Secondary Aim: Speak Fluent Spanish

One of my career goals is to speak fluent Spanish. I have lived in Mexico for weeks and Peru for months at a time, and I have an intermediate Spanish proficiency. I am interested in working no more than 40 hours per week, to study Spanish while being immersed in the language.

Tertiary Aim: Pay Student Loan Debt

I require enough compensation to afford cost-of-living while making student loan payments. I am aiming to make entry level wages similar to what I might find in the US for an epidemiology postdoctoral position. Otherwise I cannot justify taking an entire year off school while interest accrues on my six-figure student loans.


I am expecting to graduate from an epidemiology PhD program with a concentration in clinical trials in May of 2020. I am looking for a one year postdoctoral or private position before returning to medical school in May of 2021 to complete the final two years of clinical rotations.

International Epidemiology Job Resources

I’m amassing resources to identify international positions in clinical research at the MPH and PhD levels. Below is a list of job boards and international research funding mechanisms.

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