Epidemiology PhD Job – 12 Months – Spanish-speaking country – Paid

Hello Epidemiology Community,

I’m looking for a paid epidemiology job at the PhD level from May 2020 to April 2021 in a Spanish-speaking country. I’m amassing resources than might help me and others to find paid work abroad in public health at the MPH and PhD levels. But I have to manage some other aspects of my life before I leave the country for 12 months.

I am expecting to graduate from an epidemiology PhD program with a concentration in clinical trials in May of 2020. I have experience working with large population-based cohort studies focused on chronic diseases. I’m in a joint MD/PhD degree program, and I will return to school in June of 2021 to finish the last 2 years of medical school.

One of my career goals is to speak fluent Spanish. I have lived in Mexico for weeks and Peru for months, and I have an intermediate Spanish ability. I’m interested in working somewhere with a light-ish work schedule, of less than 40 hours per week, to study Spanish while being immersed in the language.

I need to make enough money to pay for cost-of-living while also making student loan payments. Ideally I’d like to make entry level wages similar to what I might find in the US for a new PhD grad in epidemiology. Otherwise I can’t justify taking an entire year off school while interest accrues on my six-figure student loans.

Does anyone know of any resources that might help me and others find a position? I’ve been compiling a list of job boards and international research funding mechanisms, which I’ve included below. If you have additional industry, government, or non-profit job resources I’ll add them to the list.


International Epidemiology Job Resources

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