How being a good person increases productivity

By Joey Grisafe

“Imagine a life completely void of regret, guilt, anger, jealousy, fear or just about any internal conflict you can think of. Try to picture a mental state where you almost never question your actions or motives because you are confident that you are doing the right thing, or at least trying to. I’m not talking about sainthood, I’m talking about a constant effort towards becoming a better person. In a society that’s driven by cutthroat competition, obsessed with material success, and where taking advantage of one another is commonplace, it can be very easy for us to get in the same rhythm as everybody else. We justify our actions by comparing ourselves with the norm, but in turn we are being just that; normal. What if I told you that society has tricked us into believing we need to be ruthless to get ahead, when the opposite is not only more true, but exponentially more rewarding.”



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