Squat Mobility Routine

Deep squatting

  • 1 min

Bumping squat movements

  • 30 sec

Rotating bumping squat movements

  • Rotate upper body
  • 30 sec

Hip rotation

  • Arms behind back
  • Rotate hips open and closed, until your knees bump together
  • 30 seconds

Elbow lean

  • Place hands in front of you
  • Lean forward until your elbows touch the floor
  • Bring your butt up into air
  • Afterwards, move back into the deep squat
  • Repeat 10-20 times

Pistol and cossack extensions

  • Place your weight on one foot
  • Extend the other leg into front or sides
  • Use extended arms as counter-balance
  • Repeat 10 repetitions each leg.

Forward lean

  • Lean forward
  • Place hands behind legs on the floor.
  • Maintain stretch 30 seconds








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